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 Tiltle contract

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PostSubject: Tiltle contract   Tue Oct 05, 2010 9:00 am

the arena lights start flickering

vinny: well we know what this means, poltergeist is coming and with no contract on last weeks show i imagine he is going to be troubled.

the lights go out and then back on again with poltergeist standing in the ring, a piece of paper held in his hands. His voice echo's around the arena, his mouth remaining closed.

Poltergeist: So! Last week i demanded a contract, which had been promised to me, in this very ring stating my TEZ championship title shot an an opponent to content with for the title.

The crowd boo at the thought of poltergeist being champion.

Poltergeist: Did i get that contract? NO!

The crowd cheer.

Poltergeist: And this troubles me.

Poltergeist stares down at vinny as if he knew what vinny had said

Vinny: hey don't look at me, i had nothing to do with it!

Poltergeist turns back to look round at the crowd, he gets out the ring and slowly circles the apron stopping and staring at random individuals showing the piece of paper to them as he contrinues to speak.

Poltergeist: Mr general manager. As I promised, because I keep my promises, I have a contract right here. Signed by me as challenger no1. Signed by you as general manager. all thats missing is the 2nd challengers name and signature. As you know from your offices walls, your signature is not a problem for me to obtain so this is your signature.

Poltergeist puts the contract on the announcers desk for vinny and bob to see

Bob: Thats the general managers signature folks

Vinny: How is that possible?

Poltergeist gets back in the ring

Poltergeist: What is a problem is who to put for me to fight. That Mr General Manager is where you now come in. You see your no show in the ring with a contract last week has put you in a difficult position. Whoever you chose would have been defeated and their soul will have been taken over to the other side. But now I have had to make the contract you have signed the opponents career warrant. They WILL be defeated, their soul WILL be taken to the other side. But i Will beat them so badly that their time in wrestling WILL be over. Choose wisely Mr general manager. Who can you afford not to have here anymore as whoever you choose WILL be.......LAID......TO.......REST

the lights go out and flick back on poltergeist no longer to seen.

Bob: hey where did the contract go?
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Tiltle contract
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