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 The nr1 spot

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PostSubject: The nr1 spot   Sat Oct 02, 2010 1:22 pm

Sting SDL make his appearence in the ring. The fans are excited and everybody cheers him. Sting SDL seems to want to say some words so he grabs a mic.

Sting SDL: Hey THZ! Well it seems that after some weeks here, I realised a great performance in my first match and last week, me and Hardy TOF won a tag team match. But the important thing is that me and him gained a nr1 contender match for FOR's title. So, I am here to...

Hardy TOF make his way to the ring with a mic.

Hardy TOF: What's up Sting? We have the biggest shot of our career tonight. One of us will fight for a title in THZ. Definitely if I wouldn't be so good last week we wouldn't have this oportunity.

Sting SDL: I think you're kidding. Let me remind you that a Scorpion Death Lock was the key of that match. But we should celebrate our win and make an outstanding match tonight for THZ fans.

Fists of Rage appears on the ramp.

FOR: What I am seeing? Two little guys talking about my title? Sting, Hardy... it doesn't count who will win tonight because next week I will retain my title!

Hardy TOF: Yeah sure... You are a lucky guy who owns a GM position. That's why you still have that title on your shoulder.

Sting SDL: For the first time I am agree with Hardy. You just sit in your office and watch the other guys doing the hard work in this roster. You didn't put your title on the line after you won it. You are a coward dude... But just wait the next TEZ show when I or Hardy will teach you a lesson.

FOR looks angry on the ramp. In the ring Sting and Hardy shake their hands and wish eachother good luck.
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Sting SDL

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PostSubject: Re: The nr1 spot   Sat Oct 02, 2010 1:24 pm

Smile) I posted it but I didn't remeber to login first :p
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The nr1 spot
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