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 RRR15 and Shogan vs Kane 95 and HazeD X Cabana

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PostSubject: RRR15 and Shogan vs Kane 95 and HazeD X Cabana   Sat Oct 02, 2010 9:32 am

Its input while playing your song.

Get in the ring and asks for a microphone.

RRR15-Well, I'd say I'm happy to be here but I'm not, because the GM just makes me fight team and so I wont be able to go for the title, lost in my debut because I made partner, luckily at the last show, I put a decent fellow but yes, I did the count of three, he could only look how good I am, and now I hope my fellow Shogan do more than those two, because this I happened to overshadow all my colleagues. But what I want is a title fight or at least one individual fight against the champion, not the title game. And from today, RRR15 is going to become what I am, a monster, and while I'm at The Hardcore Zone, will be a hardcore monster.

Suddenly, I get a masked guy in the audience, and goes by RRR15 but he realizes and is prepared to defend themselves. The masked attacks RRR15 RRR15 but he dodges and then applies his movement of submission, and not let go until you see the faint at all.

Back to take the microphone and said:

RRR15-I have just seen is what will happen to each fighter Hardcore Zone, and I can assure you that my movement is very painful. So do not you cross my path if you do not want to go wrong.

Throw the microphone, and wait out his partner and rival.
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RRR15 and Shogan vs Kane 95 and HazeD X Cabana
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