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 troubled soul

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PostSubject: troubled soul   Wed Sep 22, 2010 10:58 am

The arena lights start flickering

Vinny: well we know what this means, poltergeist is crossing over from wherever it is he crosses over from...

The lights flick fully off then a second later the lights come on and poltergeist is stood in the middle of the ring looking up the ramp. In one ring corner a woman is cowering wearing a THZ t shirt.

Vinny: ..... woah! who the hell i that in the ring with poltergeist?

Poltergeist slowly looks round at the crowd as his voice comes over the speakers his mouth not opening.

Poltergeist: So at the draft night i said i was troubled about the upcoming season and the lack of quality there is here.

The crowd boo loudly

Poltergeist: I openly challenged all of the so called..... talent...... to a match. Who took up the challenge? No one. And this troubles me.

Poltergeist starts to move round the ring as the woman in the corner nervously watches him.

Poltergeist: It troubles me as it means 1 of 2 things. 1. everyone back there is scared of me and where i will take their lost souls once i have beaten them, and rightly so. Of course if this is the case then our GM needs to reward me with a shot at a belt.

Poltergeist looks around the arena as the crowd boos chanting obscenities at poltergeist.

The 2nd option as to why nobody took the challenge is i am thought of as a joke......not real.... not serious.....

Poltergeists voice sounds angrier and angrier.

Poltergeist: well lets see how many of you think i am a joke after tonight.

Poltrgeist walks to the edge of the ring and points to the back

Poltergeist: I again openly challenge anyone back there to be my next victim. If you all choose to ignore me again then this fan here in the ring with me will be taken in your place. So THZ fans lets see if any of your idols have the courage to put their souls on the line or as i expect, they don't care about you as fans and they will let this woman suffer and will be.........LAID..........TO........REST

The lights go out and as we start to hear the woman scream all goes silent, the lights return and the ring is empty.
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troubled soul
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