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 open challenge

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PostSubject: open challenge   Sat Sep 11, 2010 5:54 am

the arena lights start to flicker as the cameras pan around the crowd trying to capture how poltergeist gets into the ring. As usual they capture nothing as the arena lights come back fully on and in the middle of the ring Poltergeist all in white stands facing backstage. His voice sounds over the arena speakers but as usual his lips don't move.

Poltergeist: So a new season is about to begin here in the hardcore zone.

The crowd cheer

Poltergeist: And as the season begins to start something is troubling me.

Poltergeist steps towards the ropes nearest the ramp and points towards the back

Poltergeist: Back there is a bunch of no ones!

the crowd boo at these words

Poltergeist: But this isn't what is troubling me. Nor is the fact that our "gm" is not recognising this and keeps on signing even more garbage. I mean lets look at earlier in this very ring. Hardy TOF and Sting SDL! What is he thinking? certainly not competition. But as i say this isn't what is troubling me.

Poltergeist looks around the at the crowd as chants of various sorts sound around the arena.

Poltergeist: What is troubling me is how i am meant to take care of all these many lost souls and how to decide who will be first. So this is what i am going to do.

Poltergeist turns back to the ramp pointing up at the backstage.

Poltergeist: I openly challenge any of you wasted pieces of life back there to a match. Prove to me that before i take your souls to hell that you are worthy of a little recognition here. But do not be under any illusion that you will be saved. As i promise that whoever you are you will be..........LAID.........TO........REST.

The lights flicker as poltergeists last words echo round the arena as the lights momentarily go out and come back on seconds later with poltergeist nowhere to be seen.
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open challenge
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