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 Udrea "The Notorious" Stef's interview

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Udrea Florin Stefanitza


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PostSubject: Udrea "The Notorious" Stef's interview   Fri Sep 10, 2010 10:27 am

Lewis is seen on screen standing Backstage with a Hardcore Zone mic in hand and a smile on his face.
Lewis: Welcome to The Hardcore Zone! my name is Lewis and i'm the Hardcore Zone's interviewer!
Udrea "The Notorious" Stef: Hey, my name is Udrea "The Notorious" Stef, nice to meet you!
Lewis: You are the newest memeber of this fed, and also the youngest! It will be hard to settle in?
Udrea "The Notorious" Stef: I don't think so, i saw the wrestlers from here are OK, a nice general manager, hope all will be good!
Lewis: Did you talk with the GM, will you have a match in the first show?
Udrea "The Notorious" Stef: No i didn't, but hope so i'll have one !
Lewis: Ok Stef, all the best in this federation, bye bye!
Udrea "The Notorious" Stef: Thank you Lewis! Bye
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Udrea "The Notorious" Stef's interview
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