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 Hardy demands a shot

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PostSubject: Hardy demands a shot   Fri Sep 10, 2010 5:34 am

For the first time after the contract signing, Hardy TOF makes his first steps to the ring. He is still angry, after what happened after the contract signing and it seems he wants to declare a war to his “friend”, Sting SDL.

The peoples are running wild when they see Hardy TOF making his way to the ring with his characteristic style. It seems he will have many fans after his first show in THZ.

Hardy TOF: Last month I was a inexperienced wrestler who wanted to join a roster for beginning a superstar career. After intensive trainings I signed a contract with this roster. When I was a child, I dreamed to become a professionsal wrestler and now my dream is coming true. But all….

Hardy TOF is interrupted by a sinister song. Is Skullking with Sting SDL and they are going in the ring too.

Sting SDL: Do you want a match against me?! That’s what you want?! Ok, let’s do it! Tonight, Sting SDL vs Hardy TOF, one on one. This is it!

Sting SDL quits the ring very angry and he’s making his way to his lockerroom. Hardy TOF stops him and tries to witness all his thoughts.

Hardy TOF: Man, wait! I don’t have any plan for you, we are on opposite sides, but I don’t have anything with you. All I want is up to Skullking!

Skullking: What do you mean?

Hardy TOF: I don’t want a match with Sting, either with you, either with anyone from the roster. I want a title match, and I have a brilliant idea for it, The End vs Hardy TOF one on one, tonight, for one of the vacant titles.

Sting SDL: You? A title match? You must be kidding, I will not see you becoming a champion in this federation. Don’t listen to him, that match is bull shit.

Sting SDL seemed to let GM Skullking and Hardy TOF to discuss about the title match, but he came back for carrying Hardy TOF out of patience. But he was executed by his “friend” with a terrible Hell Gate. The impact was so powerfull that Sting SDL fell out of the ring, and it seems he is unable to get up for while. Like a cupple of moments ago, Skullking preffered to not include himself in the conflict and he is ready to offer a title shot to his talented wrestler, Hardy TOF.

Hardy TOF: Now that I resolved Sting, we can return to our discussion. Like I just said, from my first days I spotted one of the fede’s titles. And if we’re thinking that you have two vacant titles, my chances to win one are increasing considerably.

Skullking: Well, I am agree with your idea, but something is not fine here. This time the fans will decide who will be your opponent. It will be a contest and 5 wrestlers with an appropriate value of yours, will take part in it. The fans will choose one of the 5 competitors to fight with you. Can you handle it?

Hardy TOF: Oh yeaaah!

After that, Sting SDL prepares another attack. The agility of Hardy TOF made the difference when Sting tried to execute his finisher, KFR. Hardy escapes from Sting’s finisher and counterattacks with an outstanding Hell Gate.

After this, Hardy choosed to not say anything, he let the facts to speak for him…

This can be used in the minor show too...

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Hardy demands a shot
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