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The cameramans catch two guys who are going in GM’s Skullking office. They enter like some hooligans without knocking at the door. Both of them are painted on their faces and one has a big black bat in his hand. Skullking was resting in his office but suddenly wakes up when he hears the door opening.

Skullking: What the…? Who do you think you are? Let me just call the security guys.

Hardy TOF: Wait a second, we aren’t here for fighting with some security guys. Let the phone or else you will know what the extreme word means.

Sting SDL: You should listen my friend or else maybe you will meet my baseball bat. Like Hardy said we came for a job. We heard about your roster and we came here for a contract.

Skullking let his phone on the desk.

Skullking: Well, I never hired guys without watching them in some matches, but you are brave if you have the courage to threaten me. Look I have some free spots. But guys like you are coming at my office 5 times per day. Why I should give you a chance?

Hardy TOF: This guy starts to piss me off. Let’s just give him a nice kick in his a** and get out of here.

Skullking: You better shut the f*** up.

Sting SDL: Hardy… when you will become more mature, my friend? I try to obtain something here and you are doing the same thing every time. We already visited 5 rosters today and everytime nobody hired us because of you.

Hardy TOF: Well, that’s true but everytime the bosses didn’t understand with who they are messing with! Today I let 5 gms in a bloody office! Why he can’t be nr. 6?

Skullking: You are crazy if you are thinking you can beat me. But for your big words I am ready to give you a contract Hardy. Look just sign it and we will see if you are so though.

Hardy TOF takes a pen and signs the contract and than takes the bat from Sting and tries to kick Skullking but Sting SDL is faster and lifts Hardy on his shoulders and slams him on the floor executing his finisher a Kiss From Raluca. Hardy is KO.

Skullking: You must clean up the blood from the floor now. Just kidding… but I thought you are friends.

Sting SDL: Yes, we are but he wants to make a name here and he is making some crazy stuffs like attacking you.

Skullking: Oh, he isn’t the only one who wants to make a name. I have some pretty talented guys in the roster, they will be future superstars. Well, let’s finish with this, I’ll give you a contract too.

Sting SDL sings the contract, ant takes Hardy TOF on his back.

Skullking: Be ready, you will fight sooner than you thought.

Sting SDL leaves the GM’s office and goes to his locker room.

*EDIT: This can be used in the minor show too!
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