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 poltergeist interview

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PostSubject: poltergeist interview   Fri Aug 13, 2010 6:34 am

Vinny: What a match there. Now i'm hearing that after earliers interview with "the ripper" jonny cage some extrodinary activity occured. Lets take a look.

we see a replay of the closing stages of the interview and in the background we can see a box moving on its own.

Vinny: Wow can you see that! I don't think we have to think to hard to assume who was causing that box to move...... And yes i believe that lewis watson has poltergeist there.

Camera cuts backstage where lewis watson is standing nevously next to poltergeist

Lewis: Thank you vinny now i have here poltergeist who has appeared from practically no where and i believe has a few words to say

Poltergeist looks down on lewis tilting his head to one side mouth closed

Lewis: or perhaps not..

poltergeists voice is heard although his mouth remains closed

Poltergeist: Silence! Last time out i made RandomRory look like the nobody he is. He is now suffering his eternal torment. As for the nobody you were just interviewing. He doesn't care who his first match is against as long as its good?

Lewis nods his head

Poltergeist: Then i'll make his first match look extrodinary. Unfortunately for him he won't look so good during the match and even worse when i have finished with him after the match.

Poltergeist turns to the camera

Poltergeist: In fact the best "the ripper" can hope for is that i don't "rip" to many new holes in his body so he'll still be recognised when he is..... LAID..... TO.....REST!

Poltergeist heads towards the ring

Lewis: Well there goes poltergeist. Back to ringside

Camera fades
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poltergeist interview
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