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 poltergeist appears

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PostSubject: poltergeist appears   Tue Aug 10, 2010 4:29 am

Cameraman running down corridoor. We can hear alot of banging coming from a locker room. The cameraman enters the locker room and we see locker doors opening and closing creating the banging sound. Chairs start to move across the room as the lights start to flicker. The lights go out completely for a second and then turn on again and standing in the middle of the room is poltergeist. Staring into the camera his voice sounds the lights flickering with each word but his lips not moving.

Poltergeist: My defeat last time out was unfortunate for the rest of you living saps. The defeat has angered the Keeper as no new fresh souls was taken. Tonight will be different for my opponent. Their suffering will be beyond all comprehension. The pain so extreme it will be undescribable. The humiiation at how easily you will be beaten will be unvelievable.........

As poltergeists anger builds the lights as they flicker on get brighter and brighter....

Poltergeist: ..... I will not suffer the same experience again as i did after my last match. WHOEVER you are will be LAID.......TO.......REST!

As his last word is said several light bulbs explode as poltergeist moves past the camera and leaves the locker room but as the camera follows poltergesit doesn't dissappear as he usually does but walks down the corridor light bulbs shining brightly as he walks past before exploding.

Camera fades
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poltergeist appears
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