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 Contract Signing

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Jimmy the Animal

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PostSubject: Contract Signing   Mon Aug 09, 2010 11:16 pm

*Skullking is seen in a room with a banner on the wall saying "The HardCore Zone". It appears he is writing on a piece of paper. Suddenly, the door opens. Skullking jumps at the sound. A man with black hair wearing white jeans and a white t-shirt walks through.*

SK: What the hell? Who are you and I don't want any damn cookies.

*Skullking then studys the man and realises who the man is.*

SK: Ahh, sorry about that. I thought you were a......Lumberjack Commando. Glad your here Jimmy the Animal.

*Jimmy the Animal chuckles at Skullking's cover*

JTA: Thanks man glad to be here. Whats that on the desk?

*Skullking looks towards the desk and picks up the piece of paper*

SK: Oh this? This is the contract I made up.

*Jimmy the Animal grabs the piece of paper and notices a doddle featuring a stick man with a crown on his head*

SK: Sorry, I got bored and I had nothing else.

*Skullking picks up another piece of a paper*

SK: Here's a copy.

*Skullking hads Jimmy the paper*

JTA: Sweet man.

*Jimmy starts to read the contract and mumbles to him self*

JTA: Once signing this contract....blah blah blah.........You are official property of THZ......yadda yadda yadda.......

*Jimmy the Animal sets the piece of paper on the desk*

JTA: Well, everything seems to be in check. Nothing else to do but to put on the good old signature.

*Jimmy grabs a pen and writes his name on the line*

SK: Great. Welcome to the The HardCore Family.

JTA: Terrific!

*Jimmy and Skullking shakes hands as Jimmy walks out the door.*
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Contract Signing
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