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 In ring debut of gangsta G

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PostSubject: In ring debut of gangsta G   Fri Aug 06, 2010 12:41 pm

gangstaG's theme music plays as he makes his way down to the ring

gangsta G climbs in the ring and is handed a mic

gangstaG:WUTS UP EVERY BODY!!!!!!!!!

the crowd screams wuts up

gangstaG:hows every body doin tonight!!!

bob: wow this gangstaG is a real crowd pleaser!

vinney:U can say that again!!!

gangstaG:as you all may know this is my in ring debut here on THZ!!!!!!

crows starts screaming and chanting gangsta G's name

gangstaG:whos is ready t

gangsta G gets interupted by Black Jack's theme music as the crowd boos

Black Jack:listen here buddy U cant just walk into that ring and say your the best when U havent proved anything

gangstaG:ok then Mr.Xtremezt Y dont you come down here and shut me up then!!!!!!

Black Jack:ok then gangsta me and you right here right now mono E mono!!!!!!!

bob:what a higly anticipated match

vinney:I cant wait
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In ring debut of gangsta G
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