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 NYS in his lockerroom

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PostSubject: NYS in his lockerroom   Sun Aug 01, 2010 2:14 pm

Lewis Watson enters New York Smuggler's locker room where he see New York put tape on his hand

Lewis Watson: Sorry to interrupt Mr. Smuggler, I just came to ask a few questions before you leave for your match tonight.

New York: Not to be rude but, I have one question for you, who are you?

Lewis Watson: Well, I am Lewis Watson, the best and smartest interviewer THZ has to offer. I know you want to know more about me but I have to finish my job.... Ok, well was I , can you tell your future fans and the other wrestlers in the lockroom a little about yourself and what they can expect from you.

New York: Ok, well i really can tell you about what I did before wrestling it's kind of private. What was the other question?

Lewis Watson: What can you fans expect from you

New York: That question is quite easy to answer just Watch my match

New York takes his tape, gets up and exits the locker room
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NYS in his lockerroom
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