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 Cm-14 Xtremezt finally enters

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Cm-14 Xtremezt

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PostSubject: Cm-14 Xtremezt finally enters   Fri Jul 30, 2010 10:04 pm

-The camera's go to the ramp as Cm-14 Xtremezt comes into the ring-

Cm- Soo, Soo, this is THZ, I hope you guys arent as horrible as MR. GeReMiaS breath

crowd laughs

Cm- DID I ASK YOU TO LAUGH?, No I didn't soo just Shush your mouths, and let the XTREMEZT talk!

Crowd boo's

Cm- Like I was saying this is my debut and you know -giggles- I plan to stay for a long long LONG time soo.. get use to me because you know, I can make your lives miserable.

A fan throws a drink at Cm showing him no respect

Cm gets out of the ring and grabs the guy

Cm- You think your tough?, you little punk have more respect

As Cm tries to hit him a Theme is heard across the arena as MR. GeReMiaS

Crowd cheers

Geremias: Hey, Hey, Leave the kid ALONE and pick with someone your own size

Cm-How about you have MORE respect and take your coach potato back to the locker room

Germeias:How about you shut up, and Get into that ring and fight me Newbie

Cm looks stunned

Germeias: our are you just a little too afraid?

^^ Roleplay for the show Very Happy hope u like skull hmm.. August 1st show I think is it well my debut match
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Cm-14 Xtremezt finally enters
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