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PostSubject: Voices   Tue Jul 27, 2010 1:21 pm

The cameras show Karla IV backstage in a locker room. She's bandaging her hands to later put on gloves.

Suddenly, Karla IV bents violently and grabs her head with both hands.

Karla IV: "Creator... Is it you?"

A twisted laugh begins to build up from Karla IV, but the tone of her voice has changed.

Voice: "So perceptive, my creation... Even from so far your feats reach my ears."

Karla IV slaps herself.

Voice: "How dared you to lose?!"

Karla IV: "Creator... Karla is so sorry... Karla was put on a tag team match. Karla has overheard she'll have a singles match today."

Voice: "You must come out victorious. Every lose of you ashames my very name. I've already warned you not to lose, and yet you disobey a simple order."

Karla IV begins to shiver.

Karla IV: "Karla promises... I-It won't happen again, Karla's life on it, Creator! It was just luck!"

Voice: "You're lucky to be alive. You're lucky to be on a roster out of my reach. But matches aren't luck."

Karla IV sighs.

Voice: "One chance. You have only one more chance, or my punishment will be more than just a slap across your face."

Karla IV begins to breathe hardly and when she stands up again a frightened face is drawn on her face.

Karla IV: "Karla must not lose tonight... Or Creator will really do evil things to Karla.

As she recovers her breath she begins to stretch her muscles and the image of the camera fades.
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