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 poltergeist addresses THZ

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PostSubject: poltergeist addresses THZ   Sat Jul 24, 2010 2:52 pm

The sound of thunder erupts in the arena as the ring starts to fill with smoke.

Vinny: Well now what?

The ring starts to clear and from the smoke standing in the center of the ring poltergeist stands staring up the ramp towards the back.

Vinny: How does he do that bob?

Bob: Well how the hell am i to know?

Poltergeist steps towards the ropes as again the gravelly voice sounds through the arena as poltergeists mouth stays closed

Poltergeist: so my first soul for me to take to the other side has been decided. Surgeon general IX your time has come. You have made your final operation and it is now time for you to be disected by me and my tools.

poltergeist turns his head to look at various weapons now laying on the mat. He turns his head back towards the back. The crowd not knowing what to make of this.

Poltergeist: And when i have had my fun, and your soul is mine. your spirit will cross to the other side and your body laying in the middle of the ring. 1-2-3. you will truly be.....

poltergeist climbs out the ring and makes his way up the aisle as the arena lights start flickering

Bob: well i wouldn't like to be surgeon general IX right now, this guy seems serious.

vinny: guy? thing more like i mean look at......

the lights momentarily go out and a split second later come back on as poltergeist seemingly disappears half way up the aisle

vinny: ....the. hey! where did he go?
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poltergeist addresses THZ
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